Press release 
 Stockholm 30 October 2019 
   SEB issues Additional Tier 1 Capital 
   SEB issues Additional Tier 1 Capital (AT1) to optimise its capital 
structure. The USD 900 million issuance has a coupon of 5.125 per cent 
and an issue price of 100 per cent. 
   The loan has no final maturity, but entail a possibility for the bank to 
redeem the loan after 5.5 years, and any time thereafter. The issuance 
is in the form of a debt instrument with automatic conversion into Class 
A-shares if the Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio of the bank falls 
below a certain level. 
   The issuance of additional AT1 capital is part of SEB's capital 
   The issuance will be subscribed by and allotted to the joint lead 
managers. The settlement date is 5 November 2019. The instruments will 
be listed on Euronext Dublin. 
For further information, please        Press contact 
 contact                                Frank Hojem, Head of Corporate 
 Christoffer Geijer, Head of Investor   Communication 
 Relations                              +46(0)70 763 9947 
 +46(0)70 1006                          mailto:frank.hojem@seb.se frank.hojem@seb.se 
-------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------- 
SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group with a strong 
 belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies 
 are key in creating a better world. SEB takes a long-term perspective 
 and supports its customers in good times and bad. In Sweden 
 and the Baltic countries, SEB offers financial advice and a 
 wide range of financial services. In Denmark, Finland, Norway, 
 Germany and UK the bank's operations have a strong focus on 
 corporate and investment banking based on a full-service offering 
 to corporate and institutional clients. The international nature 
 of SEB's business is reflected in its presence in some 20 countries 
 worldwide. At 30 September 2019, the Group's total assets amounted 
 to SEK 3,046bn while its assets under management totalled SEK 
 1,943bn. The Group has around 15,000 employees. Read more about 
 SEB at http://www.sebgroup.com http://www.sebgroup.com. 
   -- 39 191030 SEB issues Additional Tier 1 capital 

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October 30, 2019 02:45 ET (06:45 GMT)

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