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Adidas (QX) (ADDYY)

Adidas AG (QX)
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2023/12/1521 : 18Dow Jones NewsAdidas Appoints Michelle Robertson to Executive BoardUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/11/3020 : 36IH Market NewsPre-Market Surge for Snowflake, Salesforce, Nutanix; ASML’s New CEO; Occidental’s CrownRock NegotiationsUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/11/0816 : 42Dow Jones NewsAdidas Reports Lower Net Profit; Continues to DestockUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/10/1817 : 16Dow Jones NewsAdidas Shares Rose After Yeezy Sales Boosted Full-Year GuidanceUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/10/1802 : 31Dow Jones NewsAdidas Upgrades Full-Year Guidance Despite Revenue, Operating Profit FallUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/08/1720 : 11IH Market NewsThursday’s Wall Street Highlights: Walmart, Paramount, Visa, Wolfspeed, and moreUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/08/0320 : 41Dow Jones NewsCorrection to Adidas HeadlineUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/08/0316 : 23Dow Jones NewsAdidas Nets China Rebound, Eyes Further Yeezy Boost This Year -- UpdateUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/08/0315 : 31Dow Jones NewsAdidas Boosted by China Recovery, Easing of InventoriesUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/07/2517 : 26Dow Jones NewsAdidas Shares Rise After Yeezy Clearance Boosts 2Q Results, 2023 OutlookUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/07/2502 : 27Dow Jones NewsAdidas 2Q Revenue Fell, to Book Smaller Operating LossUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/07/2416 : 14Dow Jones NewsAdidas's Sales of Remaining Yeezy Stock Beat Expectations, FT ReportsUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/05/1121 : 32Dow Jones NewsAdidas Looks to Sell Part of Yeezy Stock, Donate ProceedsUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/05/0608 : 53Dow Jones NewsADRs End Higher, Braskem and Adidas Trade ActivelyUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/05/0517 : 08Dow Jones NewsAdidas Shares Climb After 1Q Sales Proved to Be More Robust Than FearedUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/05/0515 : 15Dow Jones NewsAdidas Books Flat 1Q Sales as It Weighs Yeezy OptionsUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/2922 : 49Dow Jones NewsTrending: Adidas To Drop Opposition to Black Lives Matter LogoUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/2917 : 23Dow Jones NewsAdidas to Pull Opposition to Black Lives Matter's Three-Stripe TrademarkUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/0901 : 28Dow Jones NewsTrending: Adidas Slashes Dividend as 2022 Net Profit PlummetsUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/0821 : 14Dow Jones NewsAdidas Would Pay Royalties to Kanye West in Case of Yeezy Selloff, CEO SaysUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/0817 : 33Dow Jones NewsAdidas Extends CFO's Contract; Two Executives on the Way OutUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/03/0816 : 06Dow Jones NewsAdidas Braced for Another Tough Year as It Slashes 2022 DividendUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/02/1108 : 45Dow Jones NewsADRs End Mostly Lower, Azul S.A., Adidas Trade ActivelyUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/02/1017 : 39Dow Jones NewsAdidas Shares Tumble After Warning of Loss Over Yeezy FalloutUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/02/1008 : 01Dow Jones NewsADRs End Mostly Higher, Nissan Motor and Credit Suisse Trade ActivelyUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/02/1003 : 44Dow Jones NewsAdidas Sees EUR500 Million Hit From Potential Yeezy Stock Writeoff -- UpdateUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2023/02/1003 : 20Dow Jones NewsAdidas Sees EUR700 Million Loss in 2023 in Case of Yeezy WriteoffUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2022/11/0917 : 07Dow Jones NewsAdidas Slashes 2022 Outlook Again Following Split With Kanye West -- UpdateUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2022/11/0916 : 24Dow Jones NewsAdidas Slashes 2022 Outlook Again Following Split With Kanye WestUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
2022/11/0821 : 45Dow Jones NewsAdidas Taps Puma's Gulden as New CEO -- UpdateUSOTC:ADDYYAdidas AG (QX)
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