FGA enables centralized, flexible, fast, scalable authorization to meet the complex access control needs of developers

Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent identity partner, today announced general availability of Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) to address authorization complexities for developers. FGA allows developers to design authorization models in a way that's centralized, flexible, scalable, and easy to use.

With FGA, development teams can spend less time building and maintaining authorization and more time building and shipping new products and features. By enabling developers to define authorization in a way that best fits their business and use cases, FGA helps increase security and efficiency and gives developers greater visibility and control than traditional authorization methods.

“Evolving security and compliance requirements mean managing authorization ad-hoc is no longer a viable option,” said Shiven Ramji, President Customer Identity Cloud at Okta. “Okta FGA is the next generation of authorization solutions and will open up new market opportunities. We’re committed to giving developers the tools they need to be efficient and focus on innovation, while maintaining access control and security.”

Since Okta announced FGA Limited Early Access in late 2023, customers across industries, from startups to global Fortune 500 companies, have implemented the technology. FGA’s versatility has enabled businesses to streamline authorization processes, bolster security, and achieve compliance goals.

Since the limited release, new FGA features include:

  • Proven scalability: Developers can manage approximately 100 billion relationships and over 1 million requests per second, with low latency. Learn more about FGA scalability in our blog “Getting Unlimited Scalability with Okta Fine Grained Authorization” (2023).
  • Policy flexibility: Built-in support for attribute-based access control (ABAC) empowering granular access control and secure collaboration.
  • Reliability: FGA is backed by Okta’s industry-leading 99.99% uptime, minimizing disruption
  • Developer tooling: FGA includes software development kits for the most popular languages (.NET, Go, Javascript, Java, Python); Visual Studio Code integration for editing and validating FGA models; Command Line Interface to automate operating FGA and implementing CI/CD; and support for testing FGA models.

Okta FGA sets the standard for what customers should expect from their authorization solution and will change how applications are built over the next decade. As Okta continues to lead innovation in FGA, further enhancements, integrations, and scalability options are on the horizon, reaffirming the company's commitment to setting industry standards in authorization-as-a-service solutions.

To learn more about FGA, check out Okta’s whitepaper and blog.

About Okta

Okta is the World’s Identity Company. As the leading independent Identity partner, we free everyone to safely use any technology—anywhere, on any device or app. The most trusted brands trust Okta to enable secure access, authentication, and automation. With flexibility and neutrality at the core of our Okta Workforce Identity and Customer Identity Clouds, business leaders and developers can focus on innovation and accelerate digital transformation, thanks to customizable solutions and more than 7,000 pre-built integrations. We’re building a world where Identity belongs to you. Learn more at okta.com.

Investor Contact: Dave Gennarelli investor@okta.com

Media Contact: Kyrk Storer press@okta.com

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