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USDCHF United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc

0.00 (0.0%)
2023年12月3日 - 終了
名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc USDCHF 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
0.00 0.0% 0.8700685 09:00:00
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
0.8700685 0.8700685 0.8700685 0.8700685
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2023/11/3021:32RTTF2India GDP Growth Remains Solid At 7.6% In September Qtr
2023/11/3020:35RTTF2U.S. Dollar Higher After Inflation Data
2023/11/2920:19RTTF2U.S. Dollar Erases Losses Against Majors
2023/11/2820:45RTTF2U.S. Dollar Weakens Against Majors
2023/11/2716:51RTTF2U.S. Dollar Dips Ahead Of Key Data
2023/11/2712:23RTTF2Commodity Currencies Slide On Weak Asian Shares
2023/11/2711:07RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/11/2217:27RTTF2U.S. Dollar Advances Following Hawkish Fed Minutes
2023/11/2110:42RTTF2U.S. Dollar Extends Slide On Fed Rate Cut Hopes
2023/11/2109:50RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/11/2108:24RTTF2U.S. Dollar Ticks Down To 1.3705 Against Canadian Dollar
2023/11/2011:26RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Amid Fed Rate Cut Optimism
2023/11/2009:23RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/11/1719:26RTTF2U.S. Dollar Weakens As Treasury Yields Dip
2023/11/1620:44RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls As Initial Jobless Claims Increase More..
2023/11/1617:00RTTF2Swiss Franc Declines Against Majors
2023/11/1520:53RTTF2U.S. Dollar Recovers As Retail Sales Fall Less Than Forecast
2023/11/1318:58RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Against Majors
2023/11/1318:54RTTF2Weekly Gains For Dollar As Fed Hawks Abound
2023/11/1314:56RTTF2Pound Advances As European Shares Climb Ahead Of Inflation..
2023/11/1314:53RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Most Majors
2023/11/0821:40RTTF2U.S. Dollar Eases After Powell's Speech
2023/11/0713:34RTTF2U.S. Dollar Rises As Traders Await Powell Speech
2023/11/0713:15RTTF2U.S. Dollar Rises Against Majors
2023/11/0713:02RTTF2NZ Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/11/0618:22RTTF2Dollar Tumbled Last Week Amidst Rate-peak Hints, Softer Jobs..
2023/11/0618:16RTTF2Swiss Franc Slips Against Majors
2023/11/0614:44RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls As European Shares Traded Higher
2023/11/0613:39RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/11/0217:07RTTF2Pound Climbs After BoE Decision
2023/11/0216:56RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of BoE Decision
2023/11/0216:33RTTF2Eurozone Manufacturing Activity Slump On Orders, Production
2023/11/0210:14RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Rise Amid Risk Appetite, Fed Decision
2023/11/0209:45RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/11/0122:09RTTF2Dollar Declines As Weak Data Reduces Rate Concerns
2023/11/0117:23RTTF2Dollar Drops Following ADP Data
2023/11/0117:15RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of ADP Data
2023/10/3119:05RTTF2Dollar Appreciates Further Following U.S. Consumer..
2023/10/3118:57RTTF2Dollar Advances Ahead Of U.S. Consumer Confidence Index
2023/10/3021:48RTTF2U.S. Dollar Weakens Ahead Of Fed Policy Review
2023/10/2714:53RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Against Majors
2023/10/2612:29RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Fall Amid Risk Aversion
2023/10/2611:18RTTF2U.S. Dollar Rises Against Majors
2023/10/2611:15RTTF2European Economic News Preview: ECB Monetary Policy..
2023/10/2518:05RTTF2U.S. Dollar Higher Against Majors
2023/10/2411:10RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/10/2319:22RTTF2U.S. Dollar Retreats Against Some Majors
2023/10/2312:04RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Against Majors
2023/10/1915:00RTTF2Swiss Franc Drops Against Most Majors
2023/10/1817:36RTTF2Dollar Little Changed After U.S. Building Permits And..


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