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United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc USDCHF 外国為替 Exchange Rate
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-0.00034 -0.04% 0.94216 12:33:29
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0.9424 0.9409 0.943375 0.9425
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2022/12/0517:19RTTF2Swiss Franc Climbs As Weak Eurozone Data Dampens Sentiment
2022/12/0217:41RTTF2U.S. Dollar Advances To 1.2145 Against Pound
2022/12/0213:21RTTF2Swiss Franc Advances On Risk Aversion
2022/12/0117:18RTTF2U.S. Dollar Dips As Fed Chair Powell Hints At Smaller Rate..
2022/11/3019:27RTTF2U.S. Dollar Down Amid Soft ADP Data; Powell's Speech In..
2022/11/3019:15RTTF2Chicago Business Barometer Unexpectedly Indicates Faster..
2022/11/3017:19RTTF2Dollar Drops Following ADP Data
2022/11/3017:09RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of ADP Data
2022/11/2919:44RTTF2Swiss Franc Weakens On China Reopening Hopes
2022/11/2319:45RTTF2U.S. Consumer Sentiment Drops Less Than Initially Estimated..
2022/11/2319:42RTTF2U.S. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Rebound Sharply In October
2022/11/2217:31RTTF2Loonie Little Changed After Canada Retail Sales
2022/11/2217:27RTTF2Loonie Mixed Ahead Of Canada Retail Sales
2022/11/2215:59RTTF2Global Growth To Slow Amid Mounting Challenges, Says OECD
2022/11/2214:48RTTF2U.S. Dollar Halts Rally Against Majors
2022/11/2211:43RTTF2UK Budget Deficit Widens In October
2022/11/2113:42RTTF2U.S. Dollar Spikes Up Amid China COVID Concerns
2022/11/1617:38RTTF2Loonie Mixed After Canada CPI
2022/11/1617:38RTTF2Dollar Rises Following U.S. Retail Sales
2022/11/1617:28RTTF2Loonie Mixed Ahead Of Canada CPI
2022/11/1617:26RTTF2Dollar Steady Ahead Of U.S. Retail Sales
2022/11/1615:13RTTF2U.S. Dollar Showing Weakness Against Majors
2022/11/1517:01RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls As Brainard Hints At Fed Pivot
2022/11/1117:26RTTF2U.S. Dollar Lower On Hopes For Slower Fed Rate Hikes
2022/11/1017:32RTTF2Dollar Drops Following U.S. CPI
2022/11/1017:29RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of U.S. CPI
2022/11/0812:52RTTF2U.S. Dollar Climbs As Mid-term Elections In Focus
2022/11/0716:32RTTF2U.S. Dollar Falls On Fed Slowdown Expectations
2022/11/0417:33RTTF2Dollar Climbs Following U.S. Jobs Data
2022/11/0315:16RTTF2U.S. Dollar Climbs As Fed Chair Jerome Powell Signals..
2022/11/0220:05RTTF2U.S. Dollar Weakens As Investors Await Fed Announcement
2022/11/0217:19RTTF2Dollar Rises Following ADP Data
2022/11/0217:10RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of ADP Data
2022/10/3116:27RTTF2U.S. Dollar Higher On Bets Of Hawkish Fed Stance
2022/10/2116:08RTTF2U.S. Dollar Appreciates On Fed Tightening Bets
2022/10/1916:06RTTF2U.S. Dollar Appreciates Amid Higher Treasury Yields
2022/10/1901:25RTTF2U.S. Dollar Roughly Flat Following Mixed Data
2022/10/1819:02RTTF2Dollar Little Changed After NAHB Housing Market Index
2022/10/1818:55RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of NAHB Housing Market Index
2022/10/1420:23RTTF2U.S. Business Inventories Climb Slightly Less Than Expected..
2022/10/1420:14RTTF2U.S. Dollar Higher On Fed Rate Hike Odds
2022/10/1420:11RTTF2U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improves Modestly In October,..
2022/10/1417:35RTTF2Dollar Little Changed After U.S. Retail Sales
2022/10/1317:33RTTF2Dollar Climbs Following U.S. CPI
2022/10/1317:25RTTF2Dollar Falls Ahead Of U.S. CPI
2022/10/1117:45RTTF2Swiss Franc Appreciates On Recession Worries
2022/10/0618:52RTTF2U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Rebound More Than Expected
2022/10/0618:46RTTF2U.S. Dollar Higher On Inflation, Fed Tightening Concerns
2022/10/0517:10RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of ADP Data
2022/10/0516:34RTTF2U.S. Dollar Advances In Cautious Trade
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