Proactis SA - 18 months revenue 31 January 2024


Proactis SA Announces Financial Information for the year ended 31 January 2024

Paris – March 29, 2024 – Proactis SA (Euronext: PROAC), a leading provider of comprehensive spend management and business process collaboration solutions, today announces financial information for the year ended 31 Janvier 2024, in accordance with the “European Transparency Obligations Directive” financial disclosure requirements.

Financial data

in € million     18 months - Year ended 31 Jan 2024   12 months - Year ended 31 July 2022     % Change2023/ 2022(*)  
Consolidated Operationnal Revenue     11.3   9.8     15%  
SaaS (**)     9.4   7.9     20%  
Services     1.9   1.9     -4%  
Management fees     6.6   4.6     45%  
Consolidated Revenue     17.9   14.4     25%  
(unaudited Figures)                  
(*) Percentages calculated on exact numbers, not the rounded numbers shown(**) SaaS is a model of delivering technology where a software solution is hosted (cloud computing) as a service for its customers.Clients do not buy the technology but pay a subscription fee to use it.  

Presentation is done on 18 months due to the year-end date change to align with the Proactis UK Group year-end date change.

Although the turnover of the Group looks greater due to the change in year-end; it is below the level of the prior period due principally to non-renewal of contracts in specific non-core product areas, and contract value decreases.

Most of the losses were contracts which incorporated third party software. In the same way, the decrease in the value of contracts was mainly due to the cancellation of the element relating to third-party software.

The Services component of revenues reflects the pattern in SaaS revenues.

The total consolidated revenue includes Group Management fees related to transfer pricing agreements.

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About Proactis SA (, a Proactis Company

Proactis SA connects companies by providing business spend management and collaborative business process automation solutions for both goods and services, through The Business Network. Our solutions integrate with any ERP or procurement system, providing our customers with an easy-to-use solution which drives adoption, compliance and savings.

Proactis SA has operations in France, Germany, USA and Manila.

Listed in Compartment C on the Euronext Paris Eurolist.

ISIN: FR0004052561, Euronext: PROAC, Reuters: HBWO.LN, Bloomberg: HBW.FP

ContactsTel: +33 (0)1 53 25 55 00E-mail:

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  • Proactis SA 18 months revenue 31 January 2024
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