ニュース - Sterling vs Yen

名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
Pound Sterling vs Japanese Yen GBPJPY 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
0.00 0.0% 162.06585 14:40:40
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
162.06585 161.67443 162.06585 162.06585
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2022/9/2819:39RTTF2Pound Declines After BoE Announces Intervention In Bond..
2022/9/2318:07RTTF2Pound Moves Down Following U.K. Mini-budget Statement
2022/9/2219:23RTTF2Pound Retreats After BoE Rate Hike, Recession Warning
2022/9/2216:22RTTF2Japanese Yen Gains Ground Following BoJ Intervention
2022/9/1616:44RTTF2Pound Moves Down As Weak Retail Sales Data Fuels Recession..
2022/9/1514:19RTTF2Japanese Yen Falls Amid Fed-BoJ Policy Divergence
2022/9/1419:16RTTF2Japanese Yen Rebounds As BoJ Signals Forex Intervention
2022/9/1411:02RTTF2Pound Falls After UK Inflation Data
2022/9/1410:54RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of UK Inflation Data
2022/9/0619:52RTTF2U.S. Services Index Unexpectedly Indicates Slightly Faster..
2022/9/0619:47RTTF2Pound Advances As PM Liz Truss Finalizes Energy Support..
2022/9/0518:19RTTF2Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence Weakest Since 2020
2022/9/0518:16RTTF2Japanese Yen Falls Amid Fed-BoJ Policy Divergence
2022/8/2418:53RTTF2Pound, Euro Drop As Global Growth Worries Weigh
2022/8/2317:33RTTF2Eurozone Private Sector Shrinks For Second Month
2022/8/2317:31RTTF2Pound Rebounds As U.K. Services PMI Beats Forecast
2022/8/1914:44RTTF2Japanese Yen Lower On Fed-BOJ Policy Divergence
2022/8/1818:00RTTF2Pound Rises As European Shares Advance
2022/8/1713:23RTTF2Pound Spikes Up As U.K. Inflation Soars To 40-year High
2022/8/1613:15RTTF2Japanese Yen Weakens On China Stimulus Hopes
2022/8/1519:58RTTF2Japanese Yen Advances Against Majors
2022/8/1213:25RTTF2Pound Advances Amid Strong U.K. Economic Data
2022/8/0814:42RTTF2Yen Drops Amid Prospects For Deepening Policy Divergence..
2022/8/0416:07RTTF2Pound Drops After BoE Decision
2022/8/0416:00RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of BoE Decision
2022/8/0400:21RTTF2Japanese Yen Weakens Amid Upbeat Economic Data
2022/8/0116:40RTTF2Pound Climbs As European Shares Rise
2022/8/0116:37RTTF2Eurozone Manufacturing Activity Shrinks In July
2022/7/2913:08RTTF2Japanese Yen Advances On Recession Concerns
2022/7/2820:42RTTF2Japanese Yen Advances Amid Risk Aversion After Weak U.S. GDP..
2022/7/2814:51RTTF2Pound Climbs As Fed Rate Hike Worries Reduce
2022/7/2715:03RTTF2Pound Higher As European Shares Advance
2022/7/1313:34RTTF2Pound Higher As U.K. GDP Beats Estimates
2022/7/1311:07RTTF2Pound Advances To 2-day High Of 1.1936 Against Dollar After..
2022/7/1311:04RTTF2Pound Climbs After U.K. GDP Data
2022/7/1310:57RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of U.K. GDP Data
2022/7/1310:46RTTF2New Zealand Central Bank Hikes Rate Further
2022/7/1213:36RTTF2Japanese Yen Climbs Amid Cautious Trade
2022/7/0812:01RTTF2Japanese Yen Appreciates After Shooting Of Former PM Shinzo..
2022/7/0612:59RTTF2Japanese Yen Advances Amid Rising Risk Aversion
2022/7/0113:45RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Drop; Yen Advances On Rising..
2022/6/2913:46RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls; Yen Rises On Recession Concerns
2022/6/2816:19RTTF2Australian Dollar Climbs; Yen Falls As China Reduces..
2022/6/2217:35RTTF2Loonie Climbs After Canada Inflation Data
2022/6/2217:30RTTF2Loonie Mixed Ahead Of Canada Inflation Data
2022/6/2211:05RTTF2Pound Drops Following U.K. CPI, PPI
2022/6/2211:01RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of U.K. CPI, PPI
2022/6/2119:20RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2022/6/1712:30RTTF2Japanese Yen Rebounds From BoJ-led Decline
2022/6/1617:49RTTF2Pound Weakens After BoE Decision
Sterling v..
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