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GBPCHF Pound Sterling vs Swiss Franc

-0.0001 (-0.01%)
最終更新日: 00:01:52
名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
Pound Sterling vs Swiss Franc GBPCHF 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
-0.0001 -0.01% 1.12849 00:01:52
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
1.12869 1.1257 1.13 1.12857
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2024/6/2114:16RTTF2Pound Slides Against Most Majors
2024/6/2114:10RTTF2Pound Slides To 1.1257 Against Swiss Franc
2024/6/2017:43RTTF2Pound Slides As Traders Look Forward To Rate Cut After BoE..
2024/6/2017:04RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls On SNB's 25 Bps Rate Cut
2024/6/2017:02RTTF2Pound Slides Against Majors
2024/6/2015:58RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Against Majors
2024/6/1912:57RTTF2Pound Rises As U.K. Inflation Eases To 2% Target
2024/6/1912:29RTTF2Pound Rises Against Majors
2024/6/1420:08RTTF2Pound Falls Amid Risk Aversion
2024/6/1110:55RTTF2Pound Rises Against Majors
2024/6/1022:11RTTF2Swiss Franc Rises Against U.S. Dollar, Euro
2024/6/0714:05RTTF2Swiss Franc Rises Against Most Majors
2024/6/0422:54RTTF2Swiss Franc Strengthens As SNB Rate Cut Hopes Fade
2024/5/3012:50RTTF2Swiss Franc Rises Against Most Majors
2024/5/2922:06RTTF2Pound Weakens On Rate Worries
2024/5/2721:47RTTF2Pound Strengthens As BoE Rate Cut Expectations Recede
2024/5/2412:28RTTF2Pound Slides As U.K. Retail Sales Fall More Than Forecast
2024/5/2412:19RTTF2Pound Slides Against Majors
2024/5/2212:24RTTF2Pound Rises As U.K. Inflation Slows Less-than-expected
2024/5/2212:04RTTF2Pound Rises Against Majors
2024/5/2211:48RTTF2NZ Dollar Surges As RBNZ Signals Delay In Rate Cuts
2024/5/2016:03RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Amid Risk Appetite
2024/5/2015:16RTTF2Swiss Franc Falls Against Majors
2024/5/1415:51RTTF2Pound Falls On Weak Employment Data
2024/5/1414:37RTTF2Pound Falls Against Majors
2024/5/1322:53RTTF2Pound Advances As Investors Await US Inflation Data
2024/5/1012:41RTTF2Pound Rises As U.K. Exits Recession
2024/5/1012:04RTTF2Pound Rises Against Majors
2024/5/0916:52RTTF2Pound Falls Against Majors
2024/5/0221:38RTTF2Pound Falls Against Majors
2024/5/0214:42RTTF2Swiss Franc Rises On Strong CPI Data
2024/5/0213:07RTTF2Swiss Franc Rises Against Majors
2024/4/2921:04RTTF2Pound Firms Against Most Majors
2024/4/2413:42RTTF2Swiss Franc Slides Against Majors
2024/4/2413:32RTTF2Yen Declines To Multi-decade Low
2024/4/2317:39RTTF2Eurozone Private Sector Growth Strongest In Almost A Year
2024/4/2315:44RTTF2Pound Rises On Upbeat U.K. PMI Data
2024/4/2220:14RTTF2Pound Falls On BoE Rate Cut Hopes
2024/4/1911:42RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Slide Amid Risk Aversion, Geopolitical..
2024/4/1911:06RTTF2Swiss Franc Advances Against Majors
2024/4/1714:58RTTF2Pound Rebounds On More-than-expected U.K. Inflation Data
2024/4/1714:22RTTF2Pound Rebounds Against Majors
2024/4/1613:59RTTF2Pound Rebounds Against Majors
2024/4/0916:34RTTF2Pound Rises Against Majors
2024/4/0415:00RTTF2Swiss Franc Slides As Soft Inflation Data Spurs SNB Rate Cut
2024/4/0412:20RTTF2Swiss Franc Slides Against Majors
2024/4/0412:10RTTF2Antipodean Currencies, Euro Strengthens Amid Risk Appetite
2024/4/0215:55RTTF2Swiss Franc Slides As Swiss Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall
2024/4/0214:19RTTF2Swiss Franc Slides Against Majors
2024/3/2916:42RTTF2Pound Falls Against Majors


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