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EURJPY Euro vs Japanese Yen

0.162 (0.1%)
最終更新日: 17:40:32
名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
Euro vs Japanese Yen EURJPY 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
0.162 0.1% 161.9875 17:40:32
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
161.8245 161.6275 162.13 161.8255
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2023/11/2809:11RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/11/2808:18RTTF2Yen Ticks Up To 90.35 Against NZ Dollar
2023/11/2719:47RTTF2Euro Falls Against Majors
2023/11/2712:23RTTF2Commodity Currencies Slide On Weak Asian Shares
2023/11/2711:07RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/11/2416:16RTTF2Euro Advances Amid Hawkish Comments From ECB Officials
2023/11/2409:59RTTF2Yen Recovers Against Majors
2023/11/2409:45RTTF2European Economic News Preview: Germany GDP, Business..
2023/11/2317:09RTTF2Eurozone PMI Signals Shallow Technical Recession
2023/11/2316:59RTTF2Euro Advances As Eurozone PMI Beats Estimates
2023/11/2214:26RTTF2Yen Falls As European Shares Traded Higher
2023/11/2213:16RTTF2Singapore Trims 2023 Growth Outlook
2023/11/2210:52RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/11/2210:44RTTF2European Economic News Preview: UK Chancellor To Deliver..
2023/11/2115:14RTTF2Yen Rises As European Shares Traded Lower
2023/11/2114:32RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/11/2015:09RTTF2Yen Rises As European Shares Traded Lower
2023/11/2014:56RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/11/1714:49RTTF2Japanese Yen Rallies Against Majors
2023/11/1308:10RTTF2Yen Slides Against Majors
2023/11/0609:26RTTF2Yen Falls Amid Risk Appetite, Fed Rate Optimism
2023/11/0609:11RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/11/0317:08RTTF2Euro Higher On Bets Of Peak Interest Rates
2023/11/0115:27RTTF2Euro Slides Against Majors
2023/11/0107:44KRMARKETNEWSBOJ의 일부 정책 조정 후 엔화 하락, 글로벌 주가 상승
2023/10/3115:39RTTF2Euro Rises Against Majors
2023/10/3112:08RTTF2Yen Slides Following BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting
2023/10/3111:28RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/10/3108:38RTTF2Yen Falls After BoJ Rate Decision
2023/10/3013:38RTTF2Yen Rises Amid Risk Aversion
2023/10/3013:06RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2023/10/2720:53RTTF2Yen Extends Gains As BoJ Meeting Looms
2023/10/2619:37RTTF2Euro Mixed After ECB Announcement
2023/10/2417:47RTTF2Euro Falls On Disappointing German, Eurozone PMI Data
2023/10/2411:22RTTF2Yen Slides Against Most Majors
2023/10/2315:35RTTF2Euro Rises Against Majors
2023/10/1620:33RTTF2Japanese Yen Declines Against Majors
2023/10/1617:55RTTF2Euro Firms Against Majors
2023/10/1212:53RTTF2Yen Falls Amid Risk Appetite
2023/10/1211:29RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/10/1112:40RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/10/0909:47KRMARKETNEWS하마스의 이스라엘 공격으로 안전자산인 달러, 엔 상승
2023/10/0322:17RTTF2Yen Extends Gains Amid BoJ Intervention Rumors
2023/10/0312:33RTTF2Commodity Currencies Slide
2023/10/0311:32RTTF2Yen Advances Against Most Majors
2023/10/0310:57RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2023/9/2912:20RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Advance As Asian Shares Traded Higher,..
2023/9/2910:22RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2023/9/2820:31RTTF2Euro Higher Against Majors
2023/9/2817:06RTTF2Euro Falls After German Flash Inflation Data


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