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Euro vs Australian Dollar EURAUD 外国為替 Exchange Rate
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0.00 0.0% 1.5299 09:00:00
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1.5299 1.5299 1.5299 1.5299
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2023/1/2513:09RTTF2Australian Dollar Jumps As Hot Inflation Data Raises Rate..
2023/1/2319:15RTTF2U.S. Leading Economic Index Shows Another Steep Drop In..
2023/1/2318:09RTTF2Hawkish ECB Comments Lift Euro
2023/1/2318:08RTTF2Currency Movements Highlight Monetary Policy Divergence
2023/1/1919:44RTTF2Euro In Positive Territory After Lagarde's Remarks
2023/1/1915:27RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Extend Fall On Recession Worries
2023/1/1013:27RTTF2Australian Dollar Drops On Hawkish Fed Remarks
2023/1/0914:19RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Higher Amid Risk Appetite
2023/1/0413:11RTTF2Australian Dollar Firms As China Mulls Easing Australia Coal..
2022/12/3013:33RTTF2Australian Dollar Climbs On Easing Fed Rate Hike Concerns
2022/12/2917:35RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Drop As Risk Sentiment Sours
2022/12/2820:12RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Higher On Improved Risk Sentiment
2022/12/2714:02RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance On China Optimism
2022/12/2213:15RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance As China Pledges Stimulus..
2022/12/2119:11RTTF2Australian Dollar Strengthens As U.S. Stocks Climb
2022/12/1614:20RTTF2Australian Dollar Declines On Global Growth Concerns
2022/12/1414:21RTTF2Australian Dollar Climbs On Soft U.S. Inflation Data Before..
2022/12/1311:51RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Ahead Of U.S. Inflation Data
2022/12/1217:44RTTF2China Bank Lending Growth Misses Expectations
2022/12/1216:35RTTF2Euro Higher As ECB Meeting In Focus
2022/12/0713:09RTTF2Australian Dollar Weakens To 1.0550 Against NZ Dollar,..
2022/12/0710:32RTTF2China Exports & Imports Hurt By Zero Covid Policy, Weaker..
2022/12/0112:29RTTF2Australian Dollar Advances On Fed Powell's Less Hawkish..
2022/11/2915:03RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Climb As China COVID Concerns Reduce
2022/11/2813:20RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Drop Amid Lockdown Protests In China
2022/11/2412:20RTTF2Australian Dollar Climbs As Fed Hints At Slowdown In Rate..
2022/11/2319:45RTTF2U.S. Consumer Sentiment Drops Less Than Initially Estimated..
2022/11/2319:42RTTF2U.S. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Rebound Sharply In October
2022/11/2217:31RTTF2Loonie Little Changed After Canada Retail Sales
2022/11/2217:27RTTF2Loonie Mixed Ahead Of Canada Retail Sales
2022/11/2215:59RTTF2Global Growth To Slow Amid Mounting Challenges, Says OECD
2022/11/2214:48RTTF2U.S. Dollar Halts Rally Against Majors
2022/11/2211:43RTTF2UK Budget Deficit Widens In October
2022/11/2119:10RTTF2Euro Lower As China Concerns Sap Sentiment
2022/11/1714:49RTTF2Australian Dollar Weakens On Fed Policy Concerns
2022/11/1618:59RTTF2Euro Firms As Geopolitical Tensions Recede
2022/11/1513:52RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Higher Amid Improved Risk Sentiment
2022/11/1012:05RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Fall Amid Rising Risk Aversion Before..
2022/11/0110:09RTTF2Australian Dollar Eases After RBA's Smaller Rate Hike
2022/10/3113:07RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance Amid Rising Risk Appetite
2022/10/2813:48RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Drop As Risk Sentiment Deteriorates
2022/10/2719:19RTTF2Euro Weakens After ECB Decision
2022/10/2614:00RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance On Slower Fed Rate Hike..
2022/10/2015:31RTTF2Euro Climbs On Hot German Producer Inflation Data
2022/10/1813:29RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance On UK Policy U-turn
2022/10/1018:19RTTF2Euro Falls Amid Russian Attacks On Ukraine Cities, Fed..
2022/10/1013:01RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Slip On U.S. Rate Hike Worries
2022/10/0714:22RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Fall On Fed Rate Hike Worries
2022/10/0612:39RTTF2Australian, NZ Dollars Advance On Strong Oil Prices
2022/9/3017:47RTTF2Euro Drops On ECB Tightening Concerns
Euro vs AU..
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