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AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen

0.1395 (0.13%)
最終更新日: 08:29:57
名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen AUDJPY 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
0.1395 0.13% 104.528 08:29:57
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
104.3935 104.37 105.0735 104.3885
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2024/5/2812:00RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Rise Amid Risk Appetite
2024/5/2810:59RTTF2European Economic News Preview: Germany Wholesale Price Data..
2024/5/2810:57RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/5/2810:28RTTF2NZ Dollar Climbs To More Than 2-month High Of 1.0806 Against..
2024/5/2713:38RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/5/2411:51RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Amid Risk Aversion
2024/5/2411:18RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/5/2112:57RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Slide Amid Risk Aversion
2024/5/2112:29RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/5/2012:48RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises As Asian Stock Markets Traded Higher
2024/5/2012:07RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/5/1710:19RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2024/5/1611:26RTTF2Yen Rises Against Majors
2024/5/1511:29RTTF2NZ Dollar Advances Against Majors
2024/5/1511:20RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/5/1415:51RTTF2Pound Falls On Weak Employment Data
2024/5/1413:12RTTF2Yen Falls Amid Rising Concerns On Currency Intervention
2024/5/1411:16RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2024/5/1311:23RTTF2NZ Dollar Slides Against Majors
2024/5/1311:16RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/5/0812:45RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Amid Risk Aversion
2024/5/0811:08RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/5/0711:23RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls As RBA Keeps Key Rate Unchanged
2024/5/0710:58RTTF2European Economic News Preview: Germany Factory Orders,..
2024/5/0710:52RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/5/0709:34RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls After RBA Rate Decision
2024/5/0709:25RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Ahead Of RBA Rate Decision
2024/5/0611:48RTTF2Yen Reverses Against Majors
2024/5/0608:49RTTF2Yen Falls Against Majors
2024/4/3011:30RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls On Weak Retail Sales Data
2024/4/3010:57RTTF2NZ Dollar Slides Against Most Majors
2024/4/3010:52RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/4/2911:48RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Amid Risk Appetite
2024/4/2910:21RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/4/2619:16RTTF2U.S. Consumer Sentiment Dips More Than Previously Estimated..
2024/4/2612:23RTTF2Yen Slides After BoJ Keeps Key Rate Unchanged
2024/4/2611:37RTTF2Yen Slides Against Majors
2024/4/2513:23RTTF2Yen Declines As Intervention Risk Rises; BoJ Meeting In..
2024/4/2511:27RTTF2Yen Declines Against Majors
2024/4/2412:43RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises On Strong Consumer Inflation Data
2024/4/2411:24RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/4/2312:34RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Rise Amid Risk Appetite, PMI Data
2024/4/2310:31RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/4/2214:07RTTF2Commodity Currencies Rise As Asian Shares Rebound On..
2024/4/2213:01RTTF2Australian Dollar Rises Against Majors
2024/4/1911:42RTTF2Antipodean Currencies Slide Amid Risk Aversion, Geopolitical..
2024/4/1910:39RTTF2Australian Dollar Falls Against Majors
2024/4/1813:25RTTF2Yen Slides Amid Risk Appetite
2024/4/1813:08RTTF2Yen Slides Against Majors
2024/4/1612:30RTTF2Commodity Currencies Slide Amid Risk Aversion


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