• Early completion of patient recruitment of VISCO-VET clinical study which will be based on a more targeted number of patients recruited
  • Data will be analyzed as planned with results expected by the end of 4th quarter 2024
  • These results will be used to establish partnerships for licensing in dog osteoarthritis
  • Study findings will also be material for TheraVet’s development on competition horses.

Regulatory News:

TheraVet (ISIN: BE0974387194 - Ticker: ALVET) (Paris:ALVET) (Brussels:ALVET), a pioneering company in the management of osteoarticular diseases in pets, announces the early completion of the patient recruitment of its the pivotal European multicentric clinical study assessing VISCO-VET in canine osteoarthritis (VV-OA2) due to recruitment difficulties. Despite the efforts to enroll patients, the number of patients enrolled fell short of the initial target.

VV-OA2, a prospective, multicentric, controlled, double-blinded, randomized, pivotal field study in client-owned dogs suffering from osteoarthritis (OA), was designed to evaluate the potential of a unique intra-articular injection of VISCO-VET in stifle or elbow to improve dog’s mobility and reduce pain compared to a non-treated control group 3-month after treatment. 67 dogs were enrolled in the study, compared with an initial sample size of 171. The decision to end recruitment was taken after careful consideration of various factors, including the impact on study timelines and resources deployed.

The Company plans to continue with the analysis of the data collected. The results of the study are expected to be delivered by the end of the fourth quarter of 2024. If statistical significance is not achieved, the findings will provide valuable insights that may inform future research efforts in this area.

Additionally, the results will serve as a basis to explore potential partnerships for co-development and licensing opportunities. The Company recognizes the importance of collaboration in advancing veterinary medical research and is open to partnering with organizations interested in further developing our product.

Furthermore, the information obtained from this study could have implications beyond canine health. Insights into safety and efficacy offer potential avenues for application and research on other species as horses.

About TheraVet SA

TheraVet is a veterinary biotechnology company specialising in osteoarticular treatments for companion animals. The Company develops targeted, safe and effective treatments to improve the quality of life of pets suffering from joint and bone diseases. For pet owners, the health of their pets is a major concern and TheraVet’s mission is to address the need for innovative and curative treatments. TheraVet works closely with international opinion leaders in order to provide a more effective response to ever-growing needs in the field of veterinary medicine. TheraVet is listed on Euronext Growth® Paris and Brussels, has its head office in Belgium (Gosselies) with a US subsidiary.

For more information, visit the TheraVet website or follow us on LinkedIn / Facebook / X.

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