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TheraVet (ISIN: BE0974387194 – ticker: ALVET), a pioneering company in the management of osteoarticular diseases in pets, announces the launch of BIOCERA-VET® Equine in countries already covered by the Company.

After being assessed by equine vets in orthopedic and dental applications over the past 12 months, BIOCERA-VET® is now available on the market with 2 additional references (3cc and 6cc) specifically adapted in terms of volume and devices for equine applications.

BIOCERA-VET® has an exclusive positioning in the treatment of subchondral bone cysts, thanks to the properties - that only BIOCERA-VET® offers today on the market - required for minimally invasive cementoplasty (high injectability, long workability, high radiopacity, high cohesiveness and fast self-setting).

The subchondral bone cysts affect 25% of yearlings (horses in their second year), representing 200,000 horses in Europe and in the United States and common cause of lameness and reduced performance of young equine athletes. BIOCERA-VET® will also be used as innovative treatment in dental applications and oral/maxillofacial surgery (damage to the alveolar bone, delayed alveolar granulation or orosinus fistulation, common complications after tooth extraction).

About TheraVet SA TheraVet is a veterinary biotechnology company specializing in osteoarticular treatments for companion animals. The Company develops targeted, safe and effective treatments to improve the quality of life of pets suffering from joint and bone diseases. For pet owners, the health of their pets is a major concern and TheraVet’s mission is to address the need for innovative and curative treatments. TheraVet works closely with international opinion leaders in order to provide a more effective response to ever-growing needs in the field of veterinary medicine. TheraVet is listed on Euronext Growth® Paris and Brussels, has its head office in Belgium (Gosselies) with a US subsidiary. For more information, visit the TheraVet website or follow us on LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter

About BIOCERA-VET® In close collaboration with an international scientific board, THERAVET has developed a new line of calcium-phosphate and biological bone substitutes, BIOCERA-VET®. BIOCERA-VET® is a full range of innovative, easy-to-use, efficient & cost-effective bone substitutes indicated in bone surgeries where a bone graft is required and as a palliative alternative in the management of canine osteosarcoma. Based on extremely promising clinical results, this line offers the possibility of a better, more convenient and more efficient orthopedic surgery. BIOCERA-VET® is declined in different lines:

  • BIOCERA-VET® BONE SURGERY RTU, a ready-to-use highly injectable self-hardening calcium-phosphate cement
  • BIOCERA-VET® SMARTGRAFT, a naturally osteoconductive bone graft
  • BIOCERA-VET® GRANULES, an affordable biocompatible calcium-phosphate bone substitute
  • BIOCERA-VET® OSTEOSARCOMA RTU, a ready-to-use highly injectable calcium-phosphate bone substitute for cementoplasty
  • BIOCERA-VET® COMBO-CLEAN, a local and long-lasting antibiotic delivery calcium-phosphate bone substitute

For more information, visit BIOCERA-VET website.

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