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Ethereum ETHUSD Coinbase 228,170,518,317 Ethash
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16.16 0.86% 1,898.70 1,898.61 1,898.68
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1,884.78 1,914.98 1,850.51 1,882.54 0.00000000 - 0.00000000
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Coinbase 00:42:18 0.037655 1,898.70 USD
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356,381,423.92 188,659.01 ETH ETHEUR ETHGBP ETHBTC


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2022/8/1223:09NEWSBTCTA – Ethereum Price Faces Resistance As Merge Date Is..
2022/8/1222:40NEWSBTCAAVE Slowly Climbs To $109, Resistance At $113 Looms
2022/8/1220:30NEWSBTCSOL Makes Another Shot At $44, After Two Failed Attempts..
2022/8/1218:26NEWSBTCCosmos Hub Soars Over 5% Within 24 Hours – ATOM Up 13% In..
2022/8/1215:02NEWSBTC7 Best Altcoins Everyone is Talking About
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2022/8/1214:18NEWSBTCTA: Ethereum Gearing For Another Lift-Off to $2k: Rally..
2022/8/1213:23COINTELEGRAPHBTC mining stocks double in a month as production ramps
2022/8/1211:43COINTELEGRAPHComing sooner: ETH devs move up the date for Merge
2022/8/1208:00NEWSBTCWill Ethereum Breach $2,000 Before The Merge?
2022/8/1205:35NEWSBTCWill “The Merge” Be A Buy The Rumor Sell The News Event For..
2022/8/1204:55COINTELEGRAPHIs it foolish to expect a massive Ethereum price surge pre-..
2022/8/1204:00NEWSBTCBitcoin aSOPR Fails Retest Of Historical Bull-Bear Junction
2022/8/1202:16NEWSBTCTA- Shiba Inu Price Struggles, But Could Be Set For A Major..
2022/8/1201:51NEWSBTCTA- Fantom Shows Strength – Eyes $0.70
2022/8/1201:42NEWSBTCEthereum Merge Scheduled For September 15/16, ETH’s Price..
2022/8/1200:10NEWSBTCPolygon Maintains Solid Footing As MATIC Balloons By 300%..
2022/8/1122:05NEWSBTCAVAX Holds Steady And Sets Sights On $50 Barrier Breach
2022/8/1122:00NEWSBTCIs The Bitcoin Surge Due To An External Reason? What The..
2022/8/1121:00NEWSBTCGlassnode Report Shows Bitcoin And Ethereum Derivatives Gain..
2022/8/1120:03NEWSBTCCardano Tests $0.51 Support – Can ADA Reach Safe Zone And..
2022/8/1120:00NEWSBTCTop 5 New Cryptocurrency to Invest in During The Crypto Bear..
2022/8/1119:10NEWSBTCLatest Report Shows Ethereum Whales Buy 312 Billion SHIB..
2022/8/1118:46COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin battles 2-month resistance amid ‘most hated’ stocks..
2022/8/1116:01COINTELEGRAPH3 signs Ethereum price is on track toward $2.5K by September
2022/8/1114:49COINTELEGRAPHEthereum Merge on track as Goerli test merge successfully..
2022/8/1114:28NEWSBTCTA: Ethereum Climbs To $1,900, Why $2K Could Be Next
2022/8/1111:35NEWSBTCEthereum L2 TVL Enjoys 284% Growth In The Past Month Ahead..
2022/8/1104:19COINTELEGRAPHPrice analysis 8/10: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE,..
2022/8/1104:18NEWSBTCMoney On The Sidelines: Crypto Traders Accumulate Highest..
2022/8/1104:00NEWSBTCEthereum Open Interest Nears All-Time Highs Ahead Of Merge
2022/8/1104:00COINTELEGRAPHCryptoPunk to be split into pieces: Nifty Newsletter, Aug..
2022/8/1103:00NEWSBTCMonero Faces Pressure In Keeping Upward Pace – Will XMR..
2022/8/1102:45COINTELEGRAPHOptimism TVL surges nearly 300% M/M ahead of The Merge..
2022/8/1100:25NEWSBTCMANA Bulls May Outsmart The Bears If They Stick To These..
2022/8/1022:19NEWSBTCSOL Fails To Notch New 60-Day Peak, Despite Recent Advances
2022/8/1020:00NEWSBTCIs this the Best New Meme Coin to 10x? Tamadoge Set to..
2022/8/1013:00NEWSBTCUniswap Price Falls Below $9 After It Met With A Sell-Off,..
2022/8/1012:05COINTELEGRAPHTether also confirms its throwing weight behind the..
2022/8/1010:00NEWSBTCChainlink Price Above $8, Can It Go Past Its Immediate..
2022/8/1006:48NEWSBTCCurve Finance: Issue Found And Reverted, CRV Sees 10% Losses
2022/8/1006:00COINTELEGRAPHCircle plans to only support Ethereum PoS chain after Merge..
2022/8/1005:12NEWSBTCTA- My Neighbor Alice Could Be Set For A Major Bounce – Eyes..
2022/8/1004:00NEWSBTCEthereum Investors Close 300k Long Positions on Bitfinex,..
2022/8/1003:02NEWSBTCWhy Are Crypto Investors Rotating From Bitcoin To Altcoins?
2022/8/0923:35COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin dominance hits 6-month lows as metric proclaims new..
2022/8/0923:00NEWSBTCBullish Expectations From The Ethereum Merge Rise Post..
2022/8/0922:29COINTELEGRAPHWhat the fork? Ethereum's potential forked ETHW token is..
2022/8/0922:00NEWSBTCTA- STEPN (GMT) Could Be Set For A Major Rally After Bullish..
2022/8/0921:31NEWSBTCTelstra Report Unveils Ethereum Devs Remain Strong During..
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