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Amp AMPUSD Crypto 441,248,007 Not Mineable
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 買値 売値
-0.00025 -2.65% 0.00918 0.00918 0.00919
始値 高値 安値 前日終値 52週間
0.0094 0.00955 0.00909 0.00943 0.0079 - 0.0941
取引 最終取引 数量 現在値 通貨
GDAX 20:08:19 1,123.00 0.00918 USD
売買代金 出来高 ベースとなるシンボル 関連する通貨ペア
904,085.23 97,311,300.51 AMP AMPEUR AMPGBP AMPBTC


日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2022/7/0216:12NEWSBTCGreek Artist Sends Pro-Freedom Message with Assange NFT Drop
2022/7/0204:00NEWSBTC$15k Possible Bottom For Bitcoin? “Delta Cap” Says So
2022/7/0200:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Sees Worst Quarter In 11 Years
2022/7/0115:27NEWSBTCCryptocurrencies With Incredibly High Market Caps
2022/7/0110:00NEWSBTCPolkadot Under Strong Bearish Influence , Will The Nearest..
2022/7/0107:00NEWSBTCVeChain At Risk Of Further Losses? VET Price Drops 30% In..
2022/7/0105:27NEWSBTCReports: FTX Targeting BlockFi Purchase At $25M
2022/7/0102:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Enters Hibernation Mode As Network Activity Lulls
2022/7/0101:00COINTELEGRAPHReporting ‘limited progress,’ FATF urges countries to..
2022/6/3022:55NEWSBTCWhat’s Protocol Monetary Trade Policy, and Why Is it Such a..
2022/6/3022:00NEWSBTCMining Operators Fret As Bitcoin Looses Ground, What Lies..
2022/6/3019:39NEWSBTCWeb3 Wallets Realize the Frontier Exploration of On-chain..
2022/6/3017:43NEWSBTCEthereum Rising Gas Fees are Still Concerning But Presents..
2022/6/2915:00NEWSBTCA Comparison of Global Futures Trading Platforms Shows 5..
2022/6/2902:00NEWSBTCOutflows Rock Bitcoin As Institutional Investors Pull The..
2022/6/2819:30NEWSBTCLUNA2 Recovers 70% In Nine Days From Historic Lows
2022/6/2815:21NEWSBTCMore security, transparency, and scalability: What..
2022/6/2815:00NEWSBTCCoinEx Institution|From NFT to NFT-fi: Real Demands or False..
2022/6/2802:00NEWSBTCCrypto Liquidations Settle As Bitcoin Recovers Above $21,000
2022/6/2718:41COINTELEGRAPHCatalonia is building its own metaverse, says innovation..
2022/6/ Plans to Double Workforce as Layoffs Mount in Crypto..
2022/6/2508:00NEWSBTCBitcoin May Not Reclaim All-Time High For Another Two Years,..
2022/6/2507:39NEWSBTCEminem And Snoop Dogg Team Up, The Video Features Bored Ape..
2022/6/2503:01NEWSBTCIs Bitcoin Like Buying Google Early? Check Out The Shocking..
2022/6/2500:09NEWSBTCTHORChain Deploys Mainnet After 4-Year Wait, RUNE Soars 13%..
2022/6/2423:10NEWSBTCTop 5 Cryptos Taking A Major Beating In The Ongoing Market..
2022/6/2318:41NEWSBTCFrom Autonomous Cities to US Presidency: The Future Is Now..
2022/6/2308:00NEWSBTCBy The Numbers: The Worst Bitcoin Bear Markets Ever
2022/6/2305:46NEWSBTCBitcoin Rejected At $21K, Why A Retest Of The Lows Could Be..
2022/6/2304:00NEWSBTCTwo Months Of Extreme Fear Leaves Crypto In Panic, Bitcoin..
2022/6/2302:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Miner Liquidations Threaten Bitcoin’s Recovery
2022/6/2218:00NEWSBTCCrypto Market Crash Pauses Commercial Deals With Sports..
2022/6/2215:00NEWSBTCCoinEx Charity Sponsors Consensus2022 MetaGala with..
2022/6/2204:00NEWSBTCBitcoin “Diamond Hands” Start To Break As 1yr+ Supply Ramps..
2022/6/2122:42NEWSBTCZignaly’s DAO Expands Web3 Investment Opportunities to..
2022/6/2120:57NEWSBTCNew York’s Latest Bill Clamping Down On Bitcoin Mining Draws..
2022/6/2117:16COINTELEGRAPHUkraine sells CryptoPunks NFT donation for 90 ETH, worth..
2022/6/2117:00NEWSBTCIn a Bear Market, Hold Onto Your Coins & Try to Earn More..
2022/6/2113:39NEWSBTCWhat Makes CSC an Exceptional Public Chain?
2022/6/2108:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Recovery Wades Off Celsius Liquidation, But For How..
2022/6/2102:00NEWSBTCOver $250 Million In Liquidations As Bitcoin Recovers Above..
2022/6/2019:05NEWSBTCThe Metaverse Founders Club Wants To Unlock Cross-Metaverse..
2022/6/1901:01TFTCRYPTOAmericans Scamper To Sell Failing Crypto Currencies Amid..
2022/6/1802:00NEWSBTCDon’t Expect A Bitcoin Recovery Anytime Soon, Galaxy Digital..
2022/6/1717:00NEWSBTCAnthony Scaramucci Reveals Buying Crypto During Crash,..
2022/6/1708:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Funding Rates Remain Negative But Open Interest..
2022/6/1702:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Bounces Back Before Hitting 2017 Peak, Is The Bottom..
2022/6/1620:18NEWSBTCInnovative Blockchain Games Boost Mass Web3 Adoption –..
2022/6/1606:33NEWSBTCDid A Bitcoin “Zig-Zag” Shake Out The Crypto Market?
2022/6/1602:00NEWSBTCBitcoin Crash Sends Institutional Investors Running For The..
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