Sasol Chemicals, a business unit of Sasol Ltd. (JSE: SOL; NYSE: SSL), and Solugen today announced an agreement to explore commercialization of new solutions to meet rapidly growing consumer demand for sustainable ingredients in home and personal care products.

Sasol Chemicals will evaluate the effectiveness of Solugen’s proprietary products, blends and derivatives in its household, personal care, and industrial and institutional cleaning surfactant formulations, initially focusing on chelating agents.

“This agreement is an example of our approach of partnering to find innovative solutions for our customers,” said Jonathan Ward, Senior Manager of Strategy and Sustainable Growth for Sasol’s Essential Care Chemicals business division. “Our focus is delivering high-performing products with lower carbon footprints at competitive prices, and we are eager to see how Solugen’s products might help us do that.”

Solugen’s bio-based ingredients are high-performing and cost-competitive materials used in detergents, cleaning products, and personal care products. Solugen manufactures these ingredients at its Bioforge facility in Houston, which uses a first-of-its-kind chemienzymatic process to convert plant-derived substances into essential materials that traditionally relied on fossil fuels – all with no or low emissions and waste.

"We are thrilled to partner with Sasol Chemicals, one of the world’s largest producers of surfactants, to drive positive impact in the home and personal care market,” said Gaurab Chakrabarti, Chief Executive Officer of Solugen. “Sasol’s commitment to sustainability makes it an ideal partner for Solugen. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths in technology, production, and market development to meet increasing consumer demand for our high-performance, bio-based solutions.”

The high efficiency and scalability of Solugen’s process offers an extensive reduction in carbon footprint compared with conventional ingredients, resulting in overall carbon negative or neutral GHG emissions (cradle-to-gate).

About Sasol Chemicals

Sasol Chemicals partners with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities to create innovative solutions for a better world. Our unique chemistry provides the building blocks for a sustainable future and is used by more than 6 500 customers in 120 countries in countless products that improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Sasol Chemicals is a business of Sasol Limited. For more information, visit the Sasol Chemicals website.

About Solugen

Solugen is a groundbreaking technology company on a bold mission to decarbonize the physical world.

At the heart of our innovation is the world’s first carbon-negative molecule factory—the Bioforge™. This unique manufacturing platform uses a chemienzymatic process to convert plant-derived substances into essential materials that have historically been made from fossil fuels—all without emissions or waste.

A highly scalable and localized alternative to conventional approaches, the Bioforge™ enables us to produce a range of high-performance, cost-competitive, and sustainable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

For more information, visit

Karen Clapp Communications Manager, Essential Care Chemicals Sasol Chemicals

Tom Richardson Vice President of Marketing Solugen

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