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NVOS Novo Integrated Sciences Inc

-0.1089 (-13.30%)
2024年6月21日 - 終了
名称 銘柄コード 市場 種別
Novo Integrated Sciences Inc NVOS NASDAQ 普通株式
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
-0.1089 -13.30% 0.71 09:00:00
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
0.789 0.726 0.80 0.7335 0.8189
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2024/6/1405:30EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/6/1405:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences Receives Confirmation of Issuance..
2024/6/0704:30EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/6/0704:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences’ Board of Directors Approves..
2024/6/0604:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/6/0604:00BWAcenzia Selected to Participate in Protein Industries Canada..
2024/6/0404:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/6/0404:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences and RC Consulting Consortium Group..
2024/5/3122:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/5/3122:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences’ Board of Directors Conducting..
2024/5/3105:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences Receives Confirmation of Ready,..
2024/4/1605:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences Reports Fiscal Year 2024 Second..
2024/4/1206:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Closes on $6,210,000 Securities..
2024/3/2703:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences Provides Update on Certain Current..
2024/2/2206:05EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/2/2206:05BWNovo Integrated Sciences Subsidiary, Clinical Consultants..
2024/2/2104:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/2/2104:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Receives Limited Waiver to..
2024/2/1704:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/2/1704:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Appoints New President
2024/2/1607:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/2/0702:00EDGAR2Form SC 13G/A - Statement of acquisition of beneficial..
2024/1/2306:31EDGAR2Form 10-Q - Quarterly report [Sections 13 or 15(d)]
2024/1/2306:30EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2024/1/2306:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences Reports Fiscal Year 2024 First..
2024/1/1706:05EDGAR2Form NT 10-Q - Notification of inability to timely file Form..
2023/12/2006:45EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/12/2006:30BWBlacksheep Trust Files Partial Assignment of $1 Billion..
2023/12/1507:01EDGAR2Form 10-K - Annual report [Section 13 and 15(d), not S-K..
2023/12/1507:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/12/1507:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Reports 2023 Fiscal Year Financial..
2023/12/0603:20EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/12/0602:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Signs Master Collaboration..
2023/12/0501:30EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/12/0501:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences’ Purchase and Sale Agreement to..
2023/11/3006:05EDGAR2Form NT 10-K - Notification of inability to timely file Form..
2023/11/2723:25EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/11/2423:20EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/11/2423:20BWNovo Integrated Sciences Regains Compliance with Nasdaq..
2023/11/0701:59EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/11/0701:45BWNovo Integrated Sciences Announces Reverse Stock Split
2023/11/0620:04EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/11/0620:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Advised Receipt of Proceeds of RC..
2023/11/0402:15EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/11/0402:15BWNovo Integrated Sciences Announces Issuance of Underlying..
2023/10/2505:35EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/10/2505:30BWNovo Integrated Sciences’ Board of Directors Approves $5..
2023/10/1405:15EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/10/0622:00EDGAR2Form 8-K - Current report
2023/10/0622:00BWNovo Integrated Sciences Provides Update on Certain Current..


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