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Royl.Boskalis (BOKA)

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2019/05/0823 : 47GlobeNewswireBoskalis Annual General Meeting of Shareholders adopts resolutionsLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/05/0820 : 14GlobeNewswireBoskalis Trading UpdateLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/05/0718 : 33GlobeNewswireBoskalis vessel Blue Marlin hijacked offshore West AfricaLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/04/2915 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis awarded Hornsea 2 offshore export cable installation contractLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/04/1715 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis acquires EUR 75 million dredging contracts in IndonesiaLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/04/0521 : 33GlobeNewswireBoskalis receives EUR 100 million tentative contract award for RijnlandRoute sub-projectLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/03/1516 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis initiates EUR 100 million share buyback programLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/03/1316 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis secures channel widening project for Adelaide port, AustraliaLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/03/0721 : 23GlobeNewswireBoskalis publishes 2018 Annual Report and CSR reportLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/03/0715 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis posts higher revenue against lower full-year result in line with expectationsLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/03/0415 : 30GlobeNewswireBoskalis and Kotug sign LOI to sell Kotug Smit Towage to BoludaLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/02/2116 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis expands market position in marine survey through acquisition HorizonLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/02/1316 : 02GlobeNewswireBoskalis signs sizable subsea cable integrity contractLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/02/1219 : 43GlobeNewswireBoskalis announces intended share buyback programLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/02/1115 : 30GlobeNewswireBoskalis signs deal to sell its equity stake in SAAM SMIT Towage for USD 201 millionLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/02/0716 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis secures important LNG module transport contractLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/01/0816 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis signs multi-year subsea services contract in Middle EastLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2019/01/0718 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis appointed preferred contractor for Inch Cape offshore wind farm projectLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/12/2115 : 30GlobeNewswireBoskalis strengthens its offshore cable installation position through German acquisitionLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/12/1916 : 30GlobeNewswireBoskalis lowest bidder for Elbe deepening project in GermanyLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/12/0621 : 24GlobeNewswireBoskalis acquires inter-array cabling contract for Moray Offshore Windfarm EastLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/11/2616 : 30GlobeNewswireBoskalis signs agreement with Saudi Aramco to partner in multi-billion investment programLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/11/2518 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis wins EUR 250 million export cable installation contract for Ostwind 2 grid connectionsLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/11/0916 : 00GlobeNewswireTrading update: Boskalis maintains 2018 profit outlookLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/10/1115 : 36GlobeNewswireBoskalis nominates internal candidate Carlo van Noort as new CFOLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/10/0415 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis awarded subsea contract by Total for redevelopment of Tyra offshore gas fieldLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/10/0320 : 28GlobeNewswireBoskalis subsidiary SMIT Salvage acquires two multi-year marine salvage contracts from U.S. NavyLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/10/0222 : 33GlobeNewswireBoskalis commences EUR 100 million dredging activities for LNG Canada export facilityLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/10/0115 : 00GlobeNewswireBoskalis wins tender for new road connection in Dutch-Belgian border regionLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
2018/09/2517 : 06GlobeNewswireBoskalis to reduce CO2 emissions by using sustainable biofuel on Borssele renewable energy projectLSE:BOKARoyl.Boskalis
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:LSE:BOKA