ASE Gears Towards a Sustainable World with the Presentation of the ‘Excellence in Sustainability Award’ at its Annual Sup...

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ASE Gears Towards a Sustainable World with the Presentation of the ‘Excellence in Sustainability Award’ at its Annual Sup...

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Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc (TAIEX:2311, NYSE:ASX), a leading semiconductor assembly and test service provider, today hosted the ASE Group 2016 supplier award ceremony. Besides the ‘Best Supplier Award’ category that recognizes and honors outstanding suppliers, an ‘Excellence in Sustainability Award’, which is an OSAT industry’s first, was added this year. For the sustainability award category, ASE engaged an independent third party assessor to design questionnaires, tools and scorecards to evaluate suppliers on their sustainability practices. On-site assessments and interviews were conducted at suppliers’ premises to ensure supplier conformance on sustainability through legal compliance and business conduct, labor health and welfare management, environmental practices and social responsibility.

At the ceremony, twenty suppliers were presented the ‘Best Supplier Award’ while three suppliers received the ‘Excellence in Sustainability Award’. Over 500 representatives from 115 companies worldwide supplying equipment, raw material, engineering contracts, environmental and waste management, logistics and various products and services to ASE, were in attendance. The annual awards ceremony held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan continues to receive high level support from the government, local academia, international consulting firms and related industry associations.

“In an increasingly challenging economic climate, coupled with balancing stringent customer requirements and cost control, we need to augment our existing supply chain management with a strong focus on corporate sustainability to enhance companies’ effectiveness in risk management,” said Dr. Tien Wu, Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Corporate Sustainability Committee, ASE Group. He continued, “ASE envisions a sustainable supply chain to effect change and shape the future for generations to come. To realize this vision, we need to ensure a mutually successful relationship with our supply chain partners.”

“This year’s theme, ‘Gear towards a Sustainable World’, shows ASE’s commitment to incorporate sustainability in procurement and encourage our suppliers to care more about sustainability,” said S S Lee, General Manager, ASE Corporate Procurement. He added, “We continue to make this a special occasion to honor and acknowledge our network of partners and to collaborate with them on creating industry innovations.”

The following is a list of the award winners for the year 2016.

ASE Group Best Supplier Award

All-Ring Tech Co., Ltd

ASE Packing Tray Plant

Atotech Taiwan Limited

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

Besi Singapore Pte. Ltd

CHC Resources Co., Ltd

Grand Plastic Technology Corporation

Henkel Electronic Materials LLC

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd

Hong Jia Electronic Co., Ltd

Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp

LG Innotek Co., Ltd

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc

Mitsui High-tec Inc

Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd

Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd

Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd

Tanaka Denshi Group

Teradyne (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

ViTrox Technologies Sdn Bhd

ASE Group Excellence in Sustainability Award

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board Corporation

Tanaka Denshi Group

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