Springboard Biodiesel, a privately-owned, cleantech company located in Chico, CA, announced today that actress and Biodiesel enthusiast Daryl Hannah has joined its ranks as a spokesperson and will begin selling the Company's award winning BioPro Biodiesel processors from her Malibu Ranch headquarters. Ms. Hannah visited the Company's exhibition booth at the World AG Expo in Tulare, CA this week, where she answered questions and demonstrated Biodiesel production in a Springboard Biodiesel BioPro processor.

"This machine is fantastic," said Ms. Hannah, indicating the BioPro 190. "If you have a machine like this, making Biodiesel is as easy as operating a washing machine." The film star and noted Biodiesel supporter told reporters she'd been tracking Springboard Biodiesel's progress for several years and was happy to be working with them. "Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning, sustainable fuel that needs more active support in our country," said Ms. Hannah. She added, "Any farmer or institution that feeds a lot of people can convert crop oil or waste cooking grease into Biodiesel with one of Springboard's machines, for less than $1.00 per gallon... and Biodiesel burns 80% cleaner than regular diesel.

"We are delighted to be working with Ms. Hannah," said Springboard Biodiesel's CEO, Mark Roberts, "She has been a leading advocate for small-scale, local Biodiesel production for a number of years, and her on-going commitment to sustainable initiatives, including biodiesel, makes her a great spokesperson for our Company.

Daryl Hannah is a celebrated actress who has starred in numerous films, including "Blade Runner," "Splash," "Wall Street" and the "Kill Bill" films. She is also a tireless advocate for sustainable initiatives, including small-scale Biodiesel production. She runs the highly successful sustainable website, www.dhlovelife.com and is a frequent commentator on Biodiesel issues in the media.

Springboard Biodiesel, www.springboardbiodiesel.com, manufactures and sells the award-winning BioPro line of Biodiesel processors. These are small-scale, fully automated machines that will convert any vegetable or animal oil into ASTM-grade Biodiesel. The Company has been in operation since 2008 and currently leads the small-scale Biodiesel industry in sales and production capacity.

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