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Bitcoin BTCUSDT TOKOK 590,931,356,424 SHA-256d
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-3,676.14 -10.35% 31,845.35 31,845.35 31,855.79
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35,539.11 35,539.13 31,080.13 35,521.49 0.00000000 - 0.00000000
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TOKOK 02:56:53 0.144422 31,845.35 UST
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48,531,071.90 1,455.51 BTC ETHBTC


日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2021/1/2202:30COINDESKWhy Everyone From Square to Facebook Is Now Hosting the..
2021/1/2202:03COINDESKHow Cultural Differences Drive User Adoption in DeFi
2021/1/2202:00COINDESKBitcoin News Roundup for Jan. 21, 2021
2021/1/2201:55COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin becoming a cyclical asset, not a hedge, according to..
2021/1/2201:17COINTELEGRAPHNYDFS hosts crypto industry competition to get real-time..
2021/1/2200:43COINTELEGRAPHAccess denied: Banks seem prone to cryptophobia despite..
2021/1/2200:38COINDESKChinese City Plans Third Digital Yuan Pilot, Giving Away..
2021/1/2123:56COINDESKMicrosoft, India’s Tanla Launch Encrypted Messaging..
2021/1/2123:52COINTELEGRAPHTop Russian bank Sberbank plans to launch its stablecoin by..
2021/1/2123:45COINDESKSignature Bank Adds $2.5B in Non-Interest Bearing Deposits..
2021/1/2123:34COINDESKTrading Bitcoin in Africa Is a Way for Some to Escape..
2021/1/2123:34COINDESKGuggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin May Have Topped Out for Now
2021/1/2123:30COINDESKKraken Adds 26 New Crypto Trading Pairs to Capture Growing..
2021/1/2123:30COINTELEGRAPHIs Bitcoin headed for a deeper correction? Watch these..
2021/1/2123:21COINTELEGRAPHOlder investors are getting into crypto, new survey finds
2021/1/2123:12COINDESKeToro Survey Finds Pensions and Endowments Are Finally..
2021/1/2123:10COINDESKRussian Court Takes Crypto Exchange Binance off Website..
2021/1/2123:08COINTELEGRAPHWhy secure data tokenization should scare the hell out of..
2021/1/2123:00COINDESKFirst Mover: As Bitcoin Flips Bearish, Neither Biden Nor..
2021/1/2122:36NEWSBTCBitcoin En Route to $30,000 After Price Falls ~12% in a Day;..
2021/1/2122:20COINDESKSilvergate Took Nearly $3B in Deposits From Digital Currency..
2021/1/2122:00COINTELEGRAPHKyber plans to become a hub for DeFi with massive DEX..
2021/1/2121:15COINDESKNebraska Lawmaker Introduces Bills That Would Permit Banks..
2021/1/2120:53COINTELEGRAPHBitMEX operator joins digital finance standards and advocacy..
2021/1/2120:45COINTELEGRAPHCraig Wright ultimatum: Take ‘my’ Bitcoin whitepaper down or..
2021/1/2120:06COINTELEGRAPHChinese cities continue to promote digital yuan through..
2021/1/2119:40COINDESKBitcoin Option Traders Hedge Against Downside Risk as Price..
2021/1/ Rebuts Craig Wright’s ‘Meritless’ Copyright..
2021/1/2119:00COINTELEGRAPHGuggenheim CIO expects Bitcoin to drop to $20,000
2021/1/2119:00COINTELEGRAPHMore institutions will warm up to crypto once market cap..
2021/1/2118:39COINTELEGRAPHWhy did Bitcoin fall below $33K? Coinbase whales might have..
2021/1/2117:23COINTELEGRAPHRussian court order removes Binance website from regulator’s..
2021/1/2114:48COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin double-spend spotted in the wild
2021/1/2113:50COINTELEGRAPH83% of cryptocurrencies that peaked in 2018 are still down..
2021/1/2113:42COINTELEGRAPHFormer Ripple advisor set to become Comptroller of the..
2021/1/2112:52COINTELEGRAPHGoing long: 270K Bitcoin moved into storage in a month
2021/1/2112:38NEWSBTCTA: Bitcoin Struggles Below $36K, Why BTC Could Extend..
2021/1/2112:35COINTELEGRAPHEth2 notches up 66K validators as devs reveal progress for..
2021/1/2112:11COINTELEGRAPHPresident Biden freezes FinCEN's proposed crypto wallet..
2021/1/2111:06COINTELEGRAPHNebraska senator introduces bills to allow state banks to..
2021/1/2110:43COINTELEGRAPHSome institutional investors taking profit as Bitcoin..
2021/1/2110:00NEWSBTCCareer Trader Subtly Hints Of Bitcoin Parabola Breakdown..
2021/1/2109:49COINDESKProposed Crypto Wallet Rule Among Those Frozen by Biden..
2021/1/2108:27COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin price searches for support near $35K, DeFi tokens..
2021/1/2108:15COINDESK‘Let’s Not Be Bitcoin’: Yearn Finance Considers Minting..
2021/1/2107:18COINTELEGRAPHSweden is working with DLT for its CBDC proof-of-concept
2021/1/ team proposes $225 million YFI token mint
2021/1/2106:38COINDESKMarket Wrap: Bitcoin Drops Briefly Below $33.5K While Ether..
2021/1/2106:37COINTELEGRAPHOrigin Protocol begins accepting compensation claims..
2021/1/2106:09COINDESKPornhub Now Accepts XRP, DOGE, BNB and USDC
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