• Leading brands and agencies are using Adobe Express to accelerate marketing, HR and sales communications with Adobe’s connected, enterprise-grade apps and Adobe Firefly services and features, fueling user growth
  • Adobe Express is empowering everyone to design anything from anywhere, supercharging employees with Adobe Firefly generative AI for advanced quality, accuracy and variety
  • Built for business, Adobe Express is enabling organizations with access to creative teams’ assets through native integrations to Adobe apps and protecting brands with AI designed to be commercially safe

Today, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) hosted its “Design Made Easy” event for global marketers, sales, communications and HR professionals, showcasing how Adobe Express is enabling teams to easily design content while protecting their brands – powered by Adobe’s connected, enterprise-grade creative and experience apps and Adobe Firefly generative AI services and features designed to be safe for business.

Driven by strong product innovation, Adobe Express saw a 96 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in the number of monthly active mobile users and an 86 percent year-over-year increase in the cumulative number of creations made. At today’s event, Adobe Express unveiled more features, including new Presentations and Print capabilities that empower everyone to easily design anything – from anywhere. New generative AI-powered Bulk Create and Generate, Custom Models and Reference Images are supercharging employees with Adobe Firefly generative AI. Locked Templates and the new Firefly Image 3 Model help enterprises protect their brands with AI-powered features designed to be safe for business. Adobe Express also announced partnerships with Microsoft, OpenAI and IBM Consulting.

Whether it's a social post, personalizing and localizing marketing assets, creating presentations or email headers or designing flyers for internal events, teams increasingly need visually compelling content for their day-to-day work. Adobe Express brings generative AI to everyone’s fingertips and supports increased collaboration between business users, creative studio teams and agencies.

“The new Adobe Express is built for business, making it easy for anyone in an organization to design on-brand visual content that drives business outcomes,” said David Wadhwani, president of Adobe’s Digital Media Business. “With Adobe’s responsible approach to AI, strong record of product innovation and proven ability to deliver products that empower businesses of all sizes, Adobe Express offers an unparalleled combination of deep creative expertise and enterprise credentials business leaders and users can trust.”

Leading Brands and Agencies Elevate Design and Scale Content with Adobe Express

Adobe's "Design Made Easy" event featured marketing leaders from large enterprises like Unilever, IBM and Adobe to nonprofits like 100cameras and Limbitless Solutions sharing how their teams are benefitting from Adobe Express. Product demos and real use cases brought their stories to life. For example, marketing teams are instantly creating variations of approved “hero” assets for publishing and reuse. Regional marketers are easily repurposing content from brand teams and localizing it for language, culture and context. Social teams are automating derivatives creation and event teams are designing content at lightning speed. HR teams are making standout assets to attract the best talent and creating relevant content to engage employees in key moments. Sales teams are customizing videos and pitch decks that can be easily shared.

IBM marketing teams are personalizing content while staying on brand using Adobe Express. According to Jonathan Adashek, senior vice president of marketing and communications at IBM, “Marketers are looking for trusted AI that seamlessly integrates into their work. Adobe Express for Enterprise is empowering marketers at IBM to create on-brand content aligned to business objectives that delivers compelling, personalized experiences to targeted audiences."

Dentsu, one of the world's largest global marketing and advertising agency networks, saw a 70% faster time to market by empowering marketers to self-serve with Adobe Express.

According to Aaron Rajan, Global VP for Consumer Experience Technology, Unilever: “Over the last year, we have been pioneering the use of AI technology like Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express with all our marketers worldwide, helping responsibly create and scale on-brand content for our 400 brands across 100+ marketers and 3.2 billion consumers who use our brands every day. Working with partners like Adobe who share our commitment to responsible AI use and our passion for creating great experiences, allows us to confidently scale these technologies across our global workforce."

Empower. Supercharge. Enable. Protect.

At today’s event, Adobe introduced four ways Adobe Express is playing a critical role in organizations’ content supply chains, providing brand stewards with the power to protect their brands while enabling everyone in the organization to quickly and easily design content that elevates their work while staying on brand. Adobe Express also empowers creative professionals to easily work across modalities – including video, design, and animation – and make quick edits or approve content from anywhere so they can spend more time bringing their creative visions to life.

  • Empower everyone to easily design anything – from anywhere. Adobe Express is the all-in-one AI content creation app that makes it fast and easy for anyone to ideate, design and share standout social media posts, videos, flyers, logos and more.
    • Leverage professionally designed templates and then customize content for the job to be done with Adobe’s unmatched multimedia library of thousands of stunning video and multipage templates, more than 28,000 Adobe Fonts and more than a million Adobe Stock videos, music tracks and design assets.
    • Get a head start with easy-to-use Video templates and quickly combine clips, images and music with a few clicks. With Adobe Express, it is now easier to Animate any kind of object.
    • Create visually stunning Presentations quickly, and coming soon, Print promotional and sales content as leave-behinds or share via publicly accessible links.
  • Supercharge employees with Adobe Firefly generative AI
    • Bulk Create and Generate, produce content variations in a few seconds from a CSV upload of text, uploaded images or even generative AI prompts to generate images.
    • Generate images, templates, and text effects with text prompts and make precise edits with built-in features powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model.
    • Upload Reference Images and use Firefly-powered Text to Image to generate new images based on the style, mood, lighting, layout or composition of the reference images with a simple prompt.
    • Make Custom Models anyone can use to generate images with stronger brand identity across Adobe applications, teams and marketing touchpoints.
    • Adobe Express will also be seamlessly integrated with Adobe GenStudio, the company’s forthcoming end-to-end content lifecycle app, which will enable marketers to reuse existing brand-approved content, generate variations for digital channels, activate content in Adobe and third-party applications and measure content performance.
  • Enable every team with access to approved assets. Anyone in an organization can produce, share and apply brand kits across teams quickly and easily with Adobe Express. New features include:
    • Enjoy a one-click synch with Linked Assets across Creative Cloud and AEM Assets – helping ensure everyone in the enterprise has the latest assets – every time.
    • Work together in Projects, a shared location where teams can store and access documents and brand kits as they’re collaborating.
  • Protect your brand with generative AI designed to be commercially safe. Create content with confidence using features from Adobe Firefly, designed to be commercially safe for business. Provide transparency with Content Credentials – digital nutrition labels that build audience trust by indicating where digital content is created or edited with Firefly generative AI. Brand Controls and new Locked Templates give creative studios more options to reinforce brand integrity.

Expanding the Adobe Express Ecosystem

Adobe Express is growing its ecosystem, including new integrations and go-to-market partnerships:

  • Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot: Adobe is also working with Microsoft to develop Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot to unlock new levels of creativity and productivity for employees. When it launches, the extension will empower everyone to easily create on-brand content within Microsoft 365 apps with a simple prompt – from engaging videos, animations, social posts, banners, flyers and more – directly in the Copilot chat and without disrupting their workflows. "We are thrilled to work with Adobe to bring the richness of Adobe's expressive tools to enterprise customers through the integration of Adobe Express with Microsoft Copilot. This collaboration will empower organizations to seamlessly create high-quality, on-brand content directly within the Microsoft 365 environment, enhancing productivity and creativity across various enterprise use cases," said Rob Howard, Vice President of Microsoft 365 developer platforms at Microsoft. "By integrating Adobe Express with Copilot, customers will be able to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation, enabling enterprises to streamline workflows, foster collaboration and deliver impactful content."
  • Adobe Express GPT for OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Adobe recently announced enhanced search and generation capabilities for the Adobe Express GPT in ChatGPT. Now millions of users can surface even more relevant, professionally designed templates and AI-generated templates from simple text prompts on desktop and mobile.
  • IBM Consulting is partnering with Adobe to help clients create commercially safe content with unprecedented ease and speed. With new workflows powered by Firefly generative AI and Adobe Express, IBM Consulting is helping clients modernize their content supply chains.

Watch On Demand: “Design Made Easy” Virtual Event

Tune in to the “Design Made Easy” virtual event to learn from marketing leaders, see demos and hear from practitioners about how Adobe Express is giving everyone the confidence to create, drive brand consistency and conquer the content challenge.


Adobe Express for Enterprise and Adobe Express for Teams are now available.

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