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Euro vs Pound Sterling EURGBP 外国為替 Exchange Rate
  前日比 前日比 % 現在値 時刻
0.002075 0.25% 0.84571 08:22:14
始値 安値 高値 終値 前日終値
0.842705 0.842535 0.84655 0.843635
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日付 時間 ソース タイトル
2021/10/1818:12RTTF2Dollar Retreats Ahead Of U.S. Industrial Production
2021/10/1517:29RTTF2Dollar Mixed Ahead Of U.S. Retail Sales
2021/10/1517:15RTTF2Pound Jumps To 1-1/2-year High Of 0.8435 Against Euro
2021/10/1316:32RTTF2Pound Advances On BoE Rate Hike Hopes
2021/10/1316:31RTTF2UK Economy Expands In August
2021/10/1314:06RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone Industrial Production
2021/10/1314:00RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of Eurozone Industrial Production
2021/10/1311:02RTTF2Pound Little Changed After U.K. GDP Data
2021/10/1214:51RTTF2Pound Falls Amid Persistent Inflation Worries
2021/10/1211:05RTTF2Pound Little Changed After UK Unemployment Data
2021/10/1210:59RTTF2Bank Of Korea Retains Key Rate As Expected
2021/10/1210:55RTTF2Pound Mixed Ahead Of UK Unemployment Data
2021/10/1113:58RTTF2Pound Advances On Growing BoE Rate Hike Expectations
2021/10/0811:04RTTF2Euro Little Changed After German Trade Data
2021/10/0810:59RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of German Trade Data
2021/10/0718:27RTTF2Euro Mixed After ECB Minutes
2021/10/0716:44RTTF2Germany Industrial Production Declines More Than Expected
2021/10/0716:36RTTF2Euro Little Changed After ECB Minutes
2021/10/0716:31RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of ECB Minutes
2021/10/0711:09RTTF2Pound Little Changed After U.K. Halifax House Price Data
2021/10/0711:08RTTF2Euro Little Changed After German Industrial Production
2021/10/0615:49RTTF2Pound Weakens As European Shares Fall On Inflation Concerns
2021/10/0614:06RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone Retail Sales Data
2021/10/0613:59RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of Eurozone Retail Sales Data
2021/10/0611:07RTTF2Euro Drops After German Factory Orders
2021/10/0611:00RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of German Factory Orders
2021/10/0514:03RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone PPI
2021/10/0513:57RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of Eurozone PPI
2021/10/0513:37RTTF2Pound Little Changed After U.K. PMI Data
2021/10/0513:31RTTF2Pound Rises Ahead Of U.K. PMI Data
2021/10/0513:05RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone PMI
2021/10/0512:45RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of PMI Reports
2021/10/0114:03RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone CPI
2021/10/0113:59RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of Eurozone CPI
2021/10/0113:39RTTF2Pound Recovers After U.K. Manufacturing PMI
2021/10/0113:03RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone PMI
2021/9/3017:08RTTF2Euro Little Changed After German CPI
2021/9/3014:09RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone Jobless Rate
2021/9/3014:00RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of Eurozone Jobless Rate
2021/9/3011:08RTTF2Pound Little Changed After U.K. GDP Data
2021/9/3011:00RTTF2Pound Retreats Ahead Of U.K. GDP Data
2021/9/2919:08RTTF2Pound Falls On U.S. Debt Ceiling, China Concerns
2021/9/2919:02RTTF2Dollar Little Changed After U.S. Pending Home Sales
2021/9/2914:08RTTF2Euro Little Changed After Eurozone Economic Confidence Index
2021/9/2914:04RTTF2Yen Advances On Concerns Over Rising Bond Yields, Evergrande..
2021/9/2911:08RTTF2Euro Little Changed After German Import Prices
2021/9/2910:59RTTF2Euro Steady Ahead Of German Import Prices
2021/9/2811:05RTTF2Euro Little Changed After German Gfk Consumer Confidence..
2021/9/2810:59RTTF2Euro Mixed Ahead Of German Gfk Consumer Confidence Index
2021/9/2316:04RTTF2Pound Rises Further After BoE Decision
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