Eurozone investor confidence deteriorated to the lowest in more than two years in September signaling that the recession is deepening, survey results from the behavioral research institute Sentix showed Monday.

The investor confidence index declined to -31.8 in September from -25.2 in August. This was the lowest value since May 2020 and weaker than economists' forecast of -27.5.

Never before in more than 20 years of history, with the exception of the financial crisis in 2008, have investors' assessments of the Eurozone economy been so weak, Sentix said.

It is very likely that a significant recessionary trend has already set in, the think tank said.

Among two-components of investor sentiment, the current situation index slid to -26.5, down from -16.3 in August.

The expectations index fell to -37.0 in September from -33.8 a month ago. The index hit its lowest since December 2008, when the financial crisis reached its peak after the bankruptcy of the Lehman Bank.

In Germany, the investor sentiment index plunged to -29.9 in September from -24.4 in the previous month, the survey showed.

The current conditions indicator came in at a 25-month low of -23.5 versus -14.8 in August. There was a further slump in economic expectations in September, with the index falling to a historic low of -36.0 from -33.5 last month.

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